30 Day Plans Minutes* Text 3G Data  
Value Plan
300 300 15 MB
Talk & Text $30.00 1300 3000 500 MB
Talk &Text
$40.00 Unlimited Unlimited 200 MB
Data User Plan $55.00 Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB
MiFi Data Plans $20, $35, $50 DATA ONLY
1 GB for $20
3 GB for $35
5 GB for $50
A Plan
Other Plans
Yearly Plan $75.00  2000 cell minutes, 2000 texts, no data
(data can be added with a Flex Card)
Flex Card $10.00 No Expiration: Provides additional minutes, texts or data to above plans at 5 cents/min, text or MB
AutoPay For hassle free renewal for the above plans choose AutoPay. Selectel
* No Roaming fees on plans
New Customers for Selectel - Start Here

If you are a new customer planning to use Selectel Wireless Service, you must first Activate and Program your phone before you purchase a Plan.

Monthly Plans Minutes* Text 3G Data  
The 12
250 250 10 MB
Talk n Text 1200 $29.95 1200 3000 500 MB
Talk n Text
$39.95 Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB
The 55 $55.00 Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB
The Data King $69.95 Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB
Other Plans
Standard Plan
365 Days
$80.00  2000 cell minutes - Use as cash balance on a monthly plan
Standard Plan
120 Days
$10, $25,
120 Days: $10: 100 min, $25: 416 min, $50: 1000 min - Use as cash balance on a monthly plan Select
A Plan
AutoPay For hassle free renewal for the above plans choose AutoPay. PagePlus
* Check each plan to view Roaming Fees
New Customers for PagePlus - Start Here

If you are a new customer planning to use PagePlus Cellular Service, you must first Activate and Program your phone before you purchase a Plan.


Genius Wireless

Genius Wireless is pleased to announce Page Plus 4G LTE data is now available!

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October Discounts:

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Genius Wireless is offering a FREE $15 Value monthly plan when starting new service and you buy the Selectel $75 Yearly Plan.

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Flexibility, No Contract – With Genius Wireless you NEVER have a contract

Value, Lower Price – The best cell phone network just with a lower price.

Convenience, It’s Online – With Genius Wireless you can do it all on your computer from the comfort of your home. Or work. Or on the road. You choose!

Pre-paid, Know what your costs are – Genius Wireless won’t charge more than you authorize. You always know what your cost is!


We are your advocate – Genius Wireless helps you figure out the best value for you! We know how to make Page Plus and Selectel work best for YOU!

Network, Huge Coverage – It doesn’t matter how “smart” your smartphone is if it can’t talk. This is the most extensive and robust cellular network in the nation

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Talk to Americans – Genius Wireless is based in the USA.


You need to buy you and your family nice phones (maybe even smartphones!) but the costs keep going up! You may have even checked other prepaid companies and found that they could save you money but you had to sacrifice that good cell network or having nice phones. NO MORE SACRIFICE



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Note: Our ordering system is up 24/7. You may place an order any time. The hours posted are the times you will get the best response time.

How Do You Decide Between Page Plus and Selectel Wireless?

  • Both companies have different advantages.

  • Selectel Wireless is best for those who are in or near roaming areas. There are many places where Selectel Wireless is the only successful company to give coverage in talk, text and data in weak coverage areas. There are no roaming charges.

  • Page Plus Cellular is best for those who want more data.

  • Before deciding on which company to use, check the coverage maps.

  • The network Page Plus Cellular and Selectel Wireless use is a CDMA network. The network is the most extensive and robust coast-to-coast network in the USA. We cannot name this network provider but you can search for it online.

What is AutoPay?

AUTOPAY is a wonderful way to take the hassle out of remembering to refill your monthly plan. It makes life easier! There is no extra cost for this feature. Simply buy the monthly or yearly plan of your choice with a credit card ( Pay Pal does not work for this monthly payment). A few days before your current plan expires, our shopping cart charges your credit card and we "stack" the new plan to be ready to renew.
Sign Up for AutoPay Here:    Selectel    Page Plus

About Genius Wireless:

Genius Wireless is our cell phone Dealership. We love to help customers find ways to save money! We take serving you seriously and strive to represent your needs to Selectel Wireless and Page Plus Cellular in the most efficient manner. We keep you up to date on what is going on and the best ways to use Selectel and Page Plus.

While our computers take orders 24/7, we are not computers, we fill orders during our normal business hours.

We feel we are unique in that we love to help you find the right plan and phone for your specific needs. Whether it’s a flip phone, talk & text slider, Android or iPhone, the best phone and plan for you ends up being the smartest choice for you!
And that’s Genius

We feel good about helping you save money! We like saving money and think it would be good for you too. We offer big savings while giving great service on the most extensive and robust cell phone network. NOBODY offers the great choice of plans, service and network that we do!