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Selectel Plans


$15 / month – Value Plan: 300 cell minutes, 300 texts, 15 MB data

$30 / month – Talk & Text Plan: 1300 cell minutes, 3000 texts, 300 MB data

$40 / month – Unlimited Plan: Unlimited cell minutes and texts, 200 MB data

$55 / month – Data User Plan: Unlimited cell minutes and texts, 2 GB (2048 MB) data

NEW! $60 / month – MiFi Data Plan: No cell minutes or texts, 5 GB (5120 MB) data, AutoPay only

$75 / year – Yearly Plan: 2000 cell minutes, 1500 texts, no data (data can be added with a Flex Card)

$10 / no expiration – Flex Card: Provides additional minutes, texts or data to all above plans at 5 cents per minute, text or MB.

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Page Plus Plans

Page Plus Logo
$12 / month – The 12: 250 cell minutes, 250 texts, 10 MB data

$29.95 / month – Talk n Text 1200: 1200 cell minutes, 3000 texts, 500 MB data

$39.95 / month – Unlimited Talk n Text: Unlimited cell minutes and texts, 1 GB (1024 MB) data

$55 / month – The 55: Unlimited cell minutes and texts, 3 GB (3072 MB) data

$69.95 / month – The Data King: Unlimited cell minutes and texts, 5 GB (5120 MB) data

$10, $25, $50 & $80 – Standard Plans: Cash balance for monthly plans or pay-as-you-go

$9 – Global Calling Card: Cash balance for international calling, from USA domestic to international.

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Why use Genius Wireless with Page Plus or Selectel instead of the Big Boys?


Flexibility, No Contract – With Genius Wireless you NEVER have a contract.

Value, Lower Price – The best cell phone network just with a lower price.

Convenience, It’s Online – With Genius Wireless you can do it all on your computer from the comfort of your home. Or work. Or on the road. You choose!

Pre-paid, Know what your costs are – Genius Wireless won’t charge more than you authorize. You always know what your cost is!

Why should Genius Wireless be your online prepaid dealer?

We are your advocate – Genius Wireless helps you figure out the best value for you! We know how to make Page Plus and Selectel work best for YOU!

Network, Huge Coverage – It doesn’t matter how “smart” your smartphone is if it can’t talk. This is the most extensive and robust cellular network in the nation.

BYOD, Better Phones – BYOD = Bring Your Own Device (phone). Bring your own or buy from us. Choice is GOOD!

Talk to Americans – Genius Wireless is based in the USA.

It is time to change your ideas about prepaid cell phones!

You need to buy you and your family nice phones (maybe even smartphones!) but the costs keep going up! You may have even checked other prepaid companies and found that they could save you money but you had to sacrifice that good cell network or having nice phones. NO MORE SACRIFICES!

Genius Wireless Announcements

What’s New? – New things are on the way. Watch this space and stay up to date!

JULY Genius Wireless Discount!

5% off Selectel $75 Yearly Plan
and Page Plus $80 Standard Plan

(released JUN/30/14)

It looks like a LONG and HOT summer and you can get some LONG and HOT plans from Genius Wireless this month! We are offering 5% off our Selectel $75 Yearly Plan and our Page Plus $80 Standard Plan. Both these plans last up to a FULL YEAR so they last a long time. With our July Discount these hot plans become even hotter.

Use the Discount Code of:


New Global Calling Card for Page Plus

International Calling available for ALL Page Plus Plans!

(released JUN/12/14)

The Page Plus Global Calling Card is now available on Genius Wirless. The $9 Calling Card adds the ability to make international calls from the USA to ANY Page Plus plan!

Buy the $9 Global Calling Card from our Page Plus Plans Page (scroll to bottom) and you will add additional cash separate from the rest of your plan that will be available just for international calling.

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New AutoPays for Page Plus Standard Plans

Now get AutoPays for the Standard Plan with Genius Wireless!

(released JUN/10/14)

Genius Wireless has added AutoPays for the Standard Plans with Page Plus. You can now have the same Standard Plan you have been buying renew itself! Just go to our Page Plus AutoPays Page and order your Standard Plan. The charge will be automatically billed to your credit card every 118 or 360 days.

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Page Plus announces New International Calling minutes!

Three monthly plans get built-in International Minutes
and a $9 Global card is being added!

(released May/19/14)

Page Plus has announced that starting May 27 they will add International minutes to three of their plans. The $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text, The $55 The 55 and The $69.95 Data King will all get International minutes included.

The Unlimited Talk n Text gets 100 International minutes

The 55 gets 200 International minutes

The Data King gets 400 International minutes

- ALSO -

Page Plus will sell a new product, The $9 Global Card which will buy International minutes for either a monthly plan or the Standard Plan. The Global Card will have more countries available than the built-in monthly minutes and will remain on the account and rollover from month to month as long as you keep the account active with a plan.

International Calling Info

List of Global Monthly Countries

Global Card Rates

Check out the $75 Yearly Plan! The BEST plan for the minimal user.

The Selectel $75 Yearly Plan is a SUPER Deal for our “minimal users”. If you average 500 minutes a month or less then you need to consider the $75 Yearly Plan. With 2000 minutes and 1500 texts that last for up to an entire year this plan can average as cheap as $6.25 per month. However, even if you use 500 minutes a month you can be as cheap as $18.75 while still getting 375 average texts per month.

Even better you can add data with a $10 Flex Card for 5 cents per MB. So a $10 Flex Card can give you up to 200 MB of data.

So whether you stretch it out all year or use it up in 4 months the $75 Yearly Plan can offer REAL value on the most extensive and robust network in the USA… all with no charges for voice or text roaming!

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Can I keep my number?

We said no sacrifices and we mean it! Read how to bring your number (Port) from your current carrier. They don’t deserve you!

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No Cell Phone Emergencies

Read here about how to make sure your cell phone keeps working with Genius Wireless

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Genius Wireless now has our own Hip Hop auto tune!

(released JUN/06/13)
Not every Page Plus Dealer has a Hip Hop song. Hmmmm…. I’m not sure if any other Page Plus Dealer WANTS a Hip Hop song. But we have one! Click the link below to hear ours. Created by our forum member Micallen!

Click Here to hear our very own Genius Wireless Hip Hop song!


A smartphone on a dumb plan is dumb.

A smartphone on a smart plan, that’s Genius!

That’s Genius Wireless!