Genius Wireless Phones

Genius Wireless also sells new phones. If you want to be able to get a phone without the homework and headache you can let us handle all that for you. All phones bought from Genius Wireless will get a FREE Port, Activation or ESN change upon purchase. Buying from Genius Wireless means you don’t have to worry about whether the phone is compatible or has a clean ESN. You don’t have to worry if everything works on it.

New Phones For Sale

Genius Wireless Brand New Phones

LG Enlighten Android Smartphone, brand new

The LG Enlighten is a basic slider smartphone with a nice 3.2 inch screen. This phone will be great for someone that really wants a physical keyboard for texting but also wants a smartphone. This sturdy little phone packs a lot in a little package! A great phone if you just want a good value or you are just starting out with smartphones and don’t want to spend a lot at first. Android version 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Has 800 MHz processor.


Shipping via USPS Priority Mail included, Port or Activation through Genius Wireless included.


Samsung Gusto 2, brand new

This is a basic flip phone that can not only talk and text but take pictures.

Easy to carry and pocket and simple to use. Whether you need a basic backup “emergency phone” or you just don’t want a complicated smartphone this is a great phone for the basic user and it is priced right! Brand new phone.


Shipping via USPS Priority Mail included, Port or Activation through Genius Wireless included.


Used phones can be a GREAT value, just like Genius Wireless! So we have listed phones below that you can find on your own. Please read our suggestions so that you can make finding your own great used phone deal as easy and trouble free as possible.

——>CLICK HERE for a list of average sale prices of used phones on eBay<------

Besides picking the best plan for you the other big decision is what cell phone to choose. There are three basic styles of cell phones:

  • Smartphone, most capable and complex, can run apps and go on the internet
  • Multimedia texting phone, more capable but not a smartphone
  • Flip or candy bar phone, most basic and simple

Below is a short list of the phones that will work with Page Plus or Selectel. These are some of the most popular phones but others will work as well.

We always like to help our customers know what are the best phones for use on the Page Plus and Selectel networks.

Please be aware that this is NOT a complete list and there are many other phones that can be used. This list is intended to be a good starting place of phones we can suggest for you.


If you wish to use the internet you need to buy a smartphone. We suggest the ones below but others can work as well.


Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid 3, Droid X, Droid X2, Droid Pro

HTC Incredible, Incredible 2

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate

Kyocera Milano (Page Plus Supported phone)

Casio GZ One Commando (ruggedized phone)

LG Ally, Vortex


iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Windows Phone:

HTC Trophy

Multimedia phone

Note: Most multimedia phones use the BREW/WAP system and internet will be very difficult if not impossible to set up for Page Plus/Selectel. Plan on using multimedia phones as talk and text phones. If you need internet we highly recommend using a basic Android phone instead of a multimedia phone.

LG EnV, EnV 2, EnV 3, EnV Touch, Chocolate Touch

Samsung Alias, Alias 2, Rogue

Kyocera S2300 Torino, E3100 Rio (Page Plus Supported phones)

Basic flip, slider or candy bar phone

Motorola RAZR V3m, KRZR K1m, E-815, W385

Samsung Haven, A650, Smooth, Gusto, Gleam

LG Chocolate, Chocolate 2, Chocolate 3

General Phone Info

Besides the basic styles of phones you have to know what type to get so it will work on Genius Wireless over the Page Plus or Selectel network. The most compatible phones will be official Page Plus or Selectel phones. Page Plus or Selectel phones are fully supported by Genius Wireless.

Beyond official Page Plus or Selectel phones you can also use your own phone that you may already own or buy somewhere else. This is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and is a huge benefit few pre-paid wireless companies allow. These BYOD phones are ALLOWED but not SUPPORTED by Genius Wireless, Page Plus or Selectel. Even though we cannot SUPPORT your BYOD phone we will make every effort to help you in making it work and lots of folks are doing this so it does work. Check our Genius Wireless forums for lots of help there!

However, not every phone will work. You must use a CDMA phone from the other network provider that runs the Page Plus and Selectel network (we are not allowed to name the network).

You cannot use a phone that is not native to the network so that eliminates any AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile phone.

You cannot use any other pre-paid wireless phones such as Tracfone, Straight Talk, Net 10, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, GoPhone, Cricket, etc.

  • 4G phones not allowed
  • No pre-paid phones allowed
  • Clean ESN, no blacklisted phones (not lost, stolen or non-payment of bill)

Note: 4G phones may be used if modded by flashing, see warning below

We always like to help our customers know what are the best phones for use on the Page Plus and Selectel networks. Here are a few recommendations for the BEST phones to get for Genius Wireless:

Please be aware that this is NOT a complete list and there are many other phones that can be used. This list is intended to be a good starting place of phones we can suggest for you.


The following is NOT SUPPORTED by Page Plus, Selectel or Genius Wireless:

  • “Flashing”
  • “Rooting”
  • “Modding”

You are certainly ALLOWED to do these things but you are completely on your own if you do. Please do not contact us for support on these type of activities as we have no possible way to know what you have done or how to help you. The best we can offer is to direct you to businesses that do flashing. 4G phones may be used if properly flashed or modded but they will not get 4G data, they will still only get 3G.

The following is NOT ALLOWED by Page Plus or Selectel and therefore Genius Wireless cannot help you with:

  • Prepaid phones (sold originally as prepaid)
  • Bad ESN phones
  • non-native (“foreign”) phones such as Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile

At some point in the future we anticipate that 4G phones will be allowed but for now they can only be put on the network if modded and they will only get 3G cellular data at best. Prepaid phones that were originally sold as prepaid are blocked from activation and we cannot make them work. Also, Bad ESN phones are blocked and we cannot make them work and wouldn’t want to since they are reported as lost/stolen/fraud phones.

If you wish to have fully supported phones you need to buy an official Page Plus or Selectel phone. Genius Wireless can help you do that. If wish to buy a used phone or phone other than an official Page Plus phone we can help you find the best phone to use with the least effort.

Other considerations:

How Many G’s?

There is a lot of talk about how many G’s your phone has. Does it have 3G or 4G? Maybe you don’t even know what G is. That’s OK, G is just shorthand for the Generation of cellular data your phone is able to use. But that still doesn’t tell you much. Cellular data is how your phone can get its information for apps from the cell system. Like all things “computer” speed matters. So as technology improved so did the speed of the data. Almost all cell networks now include what is known as 3G and 4G data speeds. So of course the answer is to just get the fastest speed and be done with it, right?

If you just want the bullet points, here you go:

  • 4G is the latest generation of cellular data connection speed and is fast. LTE is the best version.
  • You cannot get 4G in every location. In fact you might not be able to get it at all where you are at at this time.
  • 4G is expensive. WiFi can replace 4G (and 3G) data in virtually every situation where it is available and it is also fast and free.

By now you have figured out that this will be a little more complex than just telling you to buy the fastest data speed. In fact, right now Page Plus and Selectel cannot sell you 4G speeds. However, you may not really miss them anyway. Why?

4G isn’t everywhere. Even If you have a 4G phone on a network that uses 4G you may not get that speed anyway. You have to be in range of a 4G tower and they still aren’t that common. Also, you may not be able to connect at 4G speed. You may drop to 3G or even slower.

Some networks advertise 4G when it really isn’t. I know this will come as a surprise but not all advertising is truthful. Gasp! I know! Some “4G” is really an enhanced 3G or a different version of 4G that will not work as well. The best 4G is LTE and that standard is being used or planned by all major US networks. However, it is not fully implemented and won’t be for a while. In the meantime some companies tout their enhanced 3G as a kind of 4G which it really isn’t.

If you don’t have a 4G phone you can’t get 4G anyway. So that means buying a new phone. Which can mean more money just to get the latest technology that may or may not make a difference to you. Also, many early 4G phones did not have good battery life so waiting for a later generation of phones could give you a better experience as well.

Did your phone company mention WiFi? They probably didn’t because they don’t make money off of it. However, WiFi also gives you speedy data connection and is free in most cases. WiFi is very common for most of us. Many people have WiFi available at home and/or work. You can also find it at many coffee shops, restaurants and stores. So WiFi has become very wide spread and common. If you use WiFi as your data connection you will simply replace your cellular data with the WiFi data. You are getting the same data just through a different virtual pipe. The difference is that WiFi is usually free. Of course you can’t use WiFi in a truly mobile situation such as being in your car, however for most people they can use WiFi a majority of the time. This saves your costly cellular data for when you really need it. However, WiFi is normally faster than 3G data and can do well against 4G too. So you can get both FAST and FREE data with WiFi. For Genius Wireless customers on the Page Plus network WiFi can replace data in every situation except when sending or receiving MMS texts. MMS texts are texts with pictures, video or audio added. Regular SMS texts don’t even use the data system. However, you must have a cellular data connection for MMS.

Our conclusion is that at this time using WiFi as much as possible will give you fast and free data while the 3G data that Page Plus uses will give you the mobile data you need at a reasonable cost. At some point in the future we are confident Page Plus will be able to offer you 4G mobile cell data at a good value point. However, at this time using a mixture of WiFi and 3G is a great way to enjoy your mobile data at reasonable cost for great value!

Clean ESN

Of course any phone you buy through Genius Wireless will have a clean ESN. When buying your own phone you need to be aware that some phones will not activate due to having a bad ESN. That means that the phone was blacklisted for being reported stolen, lost or for non-payment of a bill. You don’t really care why the phone has a bad ESN. If the phone has a bad ESN it is locked out from Page Plus or Selectel and you will not be able to use it at all. It simply will not activate.

You just want to ensure that the phone has a “clean” ESN that will work on the Page Plus or Selectel network. If you are buying your phone on eBay or Craigslist or some other area like that you should be sure that the seller ensures that the phone has a clean ESN or that you can get your money back. If you do not think the seller will stand behind the phone then you want to pass on that phone. EBay will return your purchase price on a phone if the seller stated that the phone had a clean ESN and it turns out to be bad. But you must have the seller on record as saying that in their listing. If not we suggest you use the eBay messaging system to ask the seller specifically about the ESN and if they do not respond then do not buy the phone. Good sellers will have very high rankings and will respond to your questions.